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BOSH Manifest to running VM

CF Manifest to running VM


  1. Manifest contains information about a job to start in either the

  2. configuration templates/"spec" (from cf-release/jobs/<jobname>/) + stemcell + packages (from cf-release/packages)

  3. magic from the BOSH Director (prepare) takes the stemcell and starts it and lays over package info and configs in /var/vcap

  4. VMs w/ monit jobs running under /var/vcap/


  • manifest

    • Global properties namespace (properites.)
    • Job properties namespace (jobs.)
  • releases

    • "spec" file that determines release content, build files required and dependencies
    • "packaging" file that builds release
    • source files (in tar or tgz format?)
  • stemcell

    • VM template (Linux-ish)

Other parts

  • configuration templates
    • template config files with substitutions that fill in resouce pool info

Control features within the cf-release repo (directories)

cf-release/jobs -how to run the job

cf-release/packging -e cf-release/master/templates cf-release/master/job/<jobname>/spec

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