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Troubleshooting NetWorker Module for Microsoft

NetWorker NMM & Exchange

Basic networker stuff to check.

  • Check that forward and reverse lookup works from each of the Exchange nodes
    • nslookup of networkerservername
    • nslookup of networker-ip-addr
    • ping from client to server

NMM and VSS stuff to check

  • check output of nsrsnap_vss_save -v -?

  • check for snapshots

    • diskshadow
      • list shadows all
      • If shadow copies exist remove them with delete shadows all
  • Unlimit Show Copy size

    1. Right click on the Computer icon and right click select configure shadow copies
    2. For each server disk set maximum size to 'no limit'
    3. Shut down NetWorker services (including the Replication Manager service.
    4. Rename the NetWorker tmp directory (C:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr\tmp)
    5. Restart NetWorker services

Useful details

Application Information (environment variables) in the client resource controls a lot of NMM behaviour. Here are some useful settings:

  • Application Information
      • Preferred server order list
      • Comma separated values
      • optional
      • If present controls the DB backup order on each server in the DAG
      • control backup of Standalone and Public Folders
      • True (default) will include in backup
      • False will exclude from backup
      • Controls where your backups take place on exchange
      • Passive will only back up passive DB copies
      • Active will only backup active DB copies
      • Preferred will backup passive DB copies first then active DB copies if no passive copy is available
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