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building and learning

Michael michaelcoyote

building and learning
  • The Bay Area, NorCal, Earth
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michaelcoyote / networker_daemonlog.conf
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Basic dumb simple networker daemon log grok filter for logstash
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# Basic dumb simple networker daemon log grok filter for the NetWorker daemon.log
filter {
grok {
patterns_dir => "./patterns"
# NetWorker logfiles have some unusual fields that include undocumented engineering codes and what not
# time is in 12h format (ugh) so custom patterns need to be used.
# engcode1_Date&time in ampm format_engcode2_engcode3_engcode4_Parent Process ID_Process ID_engcode5_Process Host_Process Name_Everything else
match => [ "message", "%{NUMBER:engcode1} %{DATESTAMP_12H:timestamp} %{NUMBER:engcode2} %{NUMBER:engcode3} %{NUMBER:engcode4} %{NUMBER:ppid} %{NUMBER:pid} %{NUMBER:engcode5} %{WORD:processhost} %{WORD:processname} %{GREEDYDATA:daemon_message}" ]
michaelcoyote /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Tina Modotti and Margrethe Mather

Most of the day was spent reading up on Tina Modotti and Margrethe Mather.

Modotti was a model for Edward Weston, then a lover, then finally his assistant when he lived in Glendale/LA and who he travelled with to Mexico. She was an actress in the early 1910s and was part of the LA bohemian circles in that time. She was living as husband and wife with batik artist Roubaix de l'Abrie Richey (nicknamed "Robo") and started an affair with Weston. Robo died of smallpox while on a trip to Mexico and Modotti finished the exhibition he was working on at the time of his death. Two years later however she travelled back to Mexico with Weston and introduced him to that scene of people including Diego Rivera and others. Weston left Mexico and she stayed becoming involved in Mexican politics and the Mexican and International Communist Party and her photography became more political. In the 1930s she was deported from Mexico as an enemy of the state and sent to Europe where she spent the early 30s avoiding the Italian Fas



Similar to ChatOps What is ChatOps?

  • conversation-driven development and operations.
  • bring tools into your conversations
  • use a chat bot modified to work with key plugins and scripts
  • teams automate tasks and collaborate openly How would SupportChatOps work
  • Case bot and users (SupportEng, Eng, SalesEng) sit in slack channel
#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Test shared argparse vars.
The question came up if there was way to share a var within an exclusive
argeparse group to make for a slightly cleaner test of variables.
This example has expanded to include some non-exclusive shared vars."""
import argparse
import pprint


How Aristotle Created the Computer - The Atlantic

michaelcoyote / DalyCity.geojson
Last active Jun 15, 2017
Daily City GEOjson map
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michaelcoyote / pf.conf
Last active Jun 15, 2017
An old OpenBSD pf.conf circa 3.1.
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# Basic openbsd pf.conf file circa 3.1. (would need updating to use)
# Required order: options, normalization, queueing, translation, filtering.
# Macros and tables may be defined and used anywhere.
# Note that translation rules are first match while filter rules are last match.
# Macros: define common values, so they can be referenced and changed easily.
ext_if="xl0" # replace with actual external interface name i.e., dc0
# Internal network info if needed
View boshhelp.txt
→ bosh --help
BOSH CLI helps you manage your BOSH deployments and releases.
Usage: bosh [<options>] <command> [<args>]
-c, --config FILE Override configuration file. Also can be overridden by BOSH_CONFIG environment variable. Defaults to $HOME/.bosh_config. Override precedence is command-line option, then environment variable, then home directory.
--[no-]color Toggle colorized output
-v, --verbose Show additional output
-q, --quiet Suppress all output
-n, --non-interactive Don't ask for user input
-N, --no-track Return Task ID and don't track
View Italian_foodwords.txt
Abbacchio - lamb
Acciughe – anchovies
Aceto - vinegar
Affumicato - smoked
Aglio - garlic
Aglio e olio - garlic and oil
Agnello - lamb
Agrodolce - sweet/sour
Al dente - firm (literally to the tooth)
Amaretti - crisp cookies made with bitter almonds
michaelcoyote /
Last active Jun 15, 2017
Script to rate limit port 443
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Script to rate limit port 443
#network interface on which to limit traffic
#limit of the network interface in question
#limit outbound https protocol traffic to this rate