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building and learning

Michael michaelcoyote

building and learning
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michaelcoyote / avamar_commands.txt
Created Aug 15, 2014
Useful Avamar cli commands for managing backups, clients, groups, policies, etc.
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- Notes on avamar client configuration using command line
Generally scheduling of clients, setting retentions and datasets are done via groups (best practice).
It is recommended to work with the backup team to set up an agreed upon set of schedules, retentions and datasets
and assign these to group policies as needed.
With this in mind it is likely that you will only really need the command to list the group policies, add a client to a group and start a backup.
michaelcoyote /
Last active Dec 1, 2020
Bash Keyboard shortcuts

#Bash Keyboard Shortcuts

###Cursor movement:

Ctrl + a   Go to the beginning of the line (Home)
Ctrl + e   Go to the End of the line (End)
Ctrl + p   Previous command (Up arrow)
Ctrl + n   Next command (Down arrow)
Alt + b   Back (left) one word
Alt + f   Forward (right) one word
michaelcoyote / Avamar_NodeInfo_Commands.txt
Created Aug 15, 2014
Commands to get the node serials and other info from Avamar nodes. Not a script, use wisely
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# This is not a script, please paste commands direclty into a ssh/putty window.
# get the DPN status
# set the ssh agent keys
ssh-agent bash

Bash key combinations and shortcuts

The bash shell uses a library called GNU Readline that provides easy and quick CLI key combination access to bash history, screen movement and line editing commands. I've collected some of these here along with some builtin bash shortcuts for history and other functions.

Note: The command bind -p will list all the keybindings and the readline functions they call.


StructOpt question

Need to figure out a way to turn mutually exclusive options from StructOpt into someting I can select at runtime. In Python I can do this using argparse and then testing existance on the option something like this:

if args.argument1:
else if args.argument2:
michaelcoyote /
Last active Jun 3, 2019
Troubleshooting NetWorker Module for Microsoft

NetWorker NMM & Exchange

Basic networker stuff to check.

  • Check that forward and reverse lookup works from each of the Exchange nodes
    • nslookup of networkerservername
    • nslookup of networker-ip-addr
    • ping from client to server

NMM and VSS stuff to check


Mung Bean Soup from Eat Clean Live Well / Terry Walters

Quantity Ingredient
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 onion, chopped.
2 celery stalks, chopped.
2 carrots, chopped.
michaelcoyote / NetWorker_iptables
Created Aug 28, 2014
A collection of NetWorker iptables rules for NetWorker
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#App,Destination,Source,Service, Port, Port Type
#DPA,dpaserv,managment-net,SSH,22, TCP
#DPA,dpaserv,managment-net,SNMP,161, TCP
#DPA,dpaserv,managment-net,DPA HTTPS 9002 TCP
#DPA,dpaserv,managment-net,DPA HTTPS 9002 TCP
#DPA,dpaserv,managment-net,DPA HTTP, 9003, TCP
#DPA,dpaserv,managment-net,DPA HTTP, 9004, TCP
#DPA,server-agents,dpaserv,DPA Agent - HTTP, 3741, TCP
#App,Destination,Source,Service,Dest Port, Src Port Proto
michaelcoyote /
Created Aug 15, 2014
An automated Avamar perf test thing that ended up not being needed and was never finished.
# Automate the testing for Avamar POC
# script should be able to log activity and useful status.
# check error on all subprocess.Popen() and file open() functions
# Error handling: i.e. catch/log errors before dieing
# make sure all the function defs check inputs
michaelcoyote /
Last active Dec 20, 2017
errbot backup
## This file is not executable on its own. use errbot -r FILE to restore your bot."Restoring repo_manager.")
bot.repo_manager["installed_repos"] = {'sijis/err-vmware': '', 'errbotio/err-fileshare': '', 'AbigailBuccaneer/err-dailymarx': '', 'jvasallo/err-plugins': '', 'carriercomm/err-hubot': '', 'keithslater/err-whois': '', 'jwm/err-gcalendar': '', 'errbotio/err-helloworld': ''}
bot.repo_manager["repo_index"] = {'errbotio/err-killme': {'KillMe': {'repo': '', 'documentation': 'Kill your bot.', 'python': '2+', 'path': '/killme.plug', 'avatar_url': '', 'name': 'KillMe'}}, 'errbotio/err-storage