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IRC Discussion #phpbb-dev 15-01-12
(3:06:45 PM) rxu: callumacrae :
(3:06:45 PM) rxu: as far as I remember, confirmation pages were inserted to reduce server load. Especially on posting.
(3:07:08 PM) rxu: So I'm not sure we want to remove those.
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(3:07:48 PM) rxu: So, please give detailed explanation of cons and pros of that in the ticket, thanks.
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(3:27:41 PM) A_Jelly_Donut: rxu, see the rfc topic
(3:38:51 PM) unknownbliss: rxu: Nothing to do with callumacrae....
(3:39:54 PM) rxu: unknownbliss : yeah, just a mistake
(3:40:33 PM) unknownbliss: ah ok. It was discussed in the RFC and the view was quite heavily on skiping them.
(3:41:01 PM) unknownbliss: But the way I've implemented it makes it easy to add them back should a board admin wish too.
(3:42:00 PM) rxu: unknownbliss : reading RFC topic, I see that Oleg supports that with the condition of implementing this:
(3:42:00 PM) unknownbliss: As for load, it saves having to transfer another page to the user, so in a way it eases the server load.
(3:42:11 PM) rxu: but it was postponed to 3.2
(3:43:34 PM) rxu: speaking about server load, I guess confirmation pages just prevent flood by inserting a little pause.
(3:43:55 PM) rxu: flooding with login/logout f.e. you can beat the site down.
(3:44:05 PM) rxu: Just an example.
(3:44:29 PM) unknownbliss: you could do that anyway as the logout/login link is on the confirmation page...
(3:45:32 PM) rxu: login/logout is just an example, as I said before. If you'll do it with posting, it generates extremely high server load.
(3:45:47 PM) rxu: confirmation page generates almost no load at all.
(3:45:56 PM) unknownbliss: Well, I don't see any implementation for the flash messages or someone implementing it. Naderman requested a patch be made for it here:
(3:46:46 PM) unknownbliss: hm... I suppose. But if an admin wants, it wouldn't be hard to add them back.
(3:47:16 PM) naderman: rxu: confirmation pages have nothing to do with load
(3:47:25 PM) unknownbliss: Just commenting out code or for logging in/out commenting a line and replacing a line
(3:48:04 PM) naderman: they originate from a time when redirects didn't entirely work in browsers yet, and reloading a page with a form would easily resubmit it
(3:48:37 PM) naderman: so basically they were created because redirecting was unreliable, and simply displaying viewtopic wouldn't work
(3:48:43 PM) naderman: neither of those problems exists anymore
(3:48:54 PM) naderman: so proper solution would be to simply redirect to viewtopic and use flash messages
(3:48:58 PM) rxu: naderman : never new that. Ok
(3:49:52 PM) rxu: I've pointed out the flash messages thing above. So I guess implementation should include that
(3:49:53 PM) rxu: ?
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(3:51:16 PM) unknownbliss: How would the flash messages be done? jQuery?
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(4:00:39 PM) naderman: un1matr1x: no need for javascript
(4:00:47 PM) naderman: you just save them in the session, then redirect
(4:00:59 PM) naderman: and then assign them to template if they are in the session
(4:01:48 PM) naderman: rxu: yes
(4:01:52 PM) naderman: I guess
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(4:20:49 PM) rxu: unknownbliss : another mistake with your nickname, lol
(4:22:11 PM) unknownbliss: hehe. I suppose I better get used to this
(4:25:50 PM) naderman: oh oops, sorry
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