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Ticket/9916 Discussion on #phpbb-dev 22/12/11
(9:05:02 PM) nn-: and we need to add this to coding guidelines
(9:05:11 PM) nn-: use the new version in newly added files to 3.0
(9:05:23 PM) nn-: otherwise we'll have to keep fixing it
(9:05:51 PM) unknownbliss: ok
(9:06:34 PM) unknownbliss: why would there be a new file in 3.0.x?
(9:07:20 PM) nn-: any number of reasons
(9:07:38 PM) nn-: on which note, i see no changes in the tests
(9:09:02 PM) nn-: new tests would be the most common reason
(9:09:08 PM) nn-: but we also add files for new functionality
(9:09:18 PM) nn-: e.g. common.php, error collector
(9:09:20 PM) unknownbliss: Line 2414 in Coding Docs
(9:09:46 PM) nn-: i meant bootstrap.php of course
(9:10:05 PM) unknownbliss: byt the general header isn't in the coding guidelines by the looks of it
(9:10:38 PM) unknownbliss: oh it is
(9:10:56 PM) unknownbliss: and its already changed except for the version ID
(9:11:25 PM) unknownbliss: Line 126
(9:12:29 PM) nn-: ok
(9:12:35 PM) nn-: so id should be taken out of there
(9:12:47 PM) nn-: and both id and license need to be changed in all test files
(9:12:51 PM) unknownbliss: ok
(9:13:07 PM) unknownbliss: should i squash that all in to the previous commit as well?
(9:15:41 PM) nn-: yes please
(9:15:45 PM) unknownbliss: ok.
(9:15:58 PM) nn-: actually
(9:16:10 PM) nn-: it would be better to have tests in their own commit
(9:16:12 PM) unknownbliss: ok
(9:16:31 PM) nn-: but do the id removal in coding guidelines in the existing commit
(9:16:34 PM) unknownbliss: ok
(9:17:59 PM) unknownbliss: and for the olympus guidelines, should they be changed and if so for .10 RC4/Final or .11 RC1?
(9:18:35 PM) unknownbliss: and should they keep the same ticket or new ticket?
(9:18:49 PM) nn-: same ticket
(9:19:11 PM) unknownbliss: ok
(9:19:18 PM) unknownbliss: branch name?
(9:19:32 PM) nn-: ah wait
(9:19:33 PM) nn-: hm
(9:20:17 PM) unknownbliss: updated coding guidelines in squashed commit.
(9:20:20 PM) nn-: well it definitely won't be going into 3.0.10
(9:20:34 PM) unknownbliss: ok
(9:20:45 PM) nn-: whether to do it in 3.0 at all
(9:21:18 PM) unknownbliss: well, if new files need the new header then it probably needs the update in the guidelines.
(9:21:21 PM) unknownbliss: For MODs as well
(9:22:36 PM) nn-: here is what i would propose
(9:22:42 PM) nn-: create one branch for develop-olympus
(9:22:50 PM) nn-: put the coding guidelines change there
(9:22:54 PM) unknownbliss: ok
(9:23:02 PM) nn-: and in a separate commit change all test files since we don't distribute them and mods should not be touching them
(9:23:13 PM) unknownbliss: ok
(9:23:22 PM) nn-: your existing branch against develop will then only have changes under phpBB/
(9:23:56 PM) nn-: but i would like some other opinions on this before committing to it
(9:24:14 PM) unknownbliss: ok
(9:25:36 PM) nn-: i also don't believe we distribute stuff under phpBB/develop/ either, and if so we can also change that in develop-olympus
(9:27:14 PM) nn-: and the reason to change tests in 3.0 is we are planning to backport some tests from 3.1 to 3.0
(9:27:23 PM) nn-: template engine and functional ones to be precise
(9:28:21 PM) unknownbliss: wouldn't it make more sense to keep the majority of changes in ascraeus and then have the required changes in olympus
(9:29:23 PM) nn-: elaborate? i thought that's what i said
(9:29:46 PM) unknownbliss: i mean have the phpBB/develop/ changes in 3.1.x
(9:30:32 PM) nn-: generally speaking we don't want unnecessary divergence between branches
(9:31:02 PM) unknownbliss: ok
(9:31:10 PM) nn-: basically we don't make changes to stable branches out of compatibility considerations
(9:31:52 PM) nn-: since we continue to work on develop-olympus we want it to be as up to date as possible
(9:33:32 PM) unknownbliss: strictly speaking with that it means we could do the whole thing in olympus as no MODs etc. should change the licence or Version ID code in olympus, but as far as i know its for 3.1 because it changes almost every single file
(9:34:01 PM) nn-: our modding infrastructure is too fragile for that
(9:34:38 PM) nn-: even if there are no actual changes to those lines it can blow up
(9:34:44 PM) unknownbliss: ok
(9:34:49 PM) nn-: then you have people changing line endings, intentionally or not
(9:34:57 PM) nn-: at which point those lines will in fact be changed
(9:35:14 PM) unknownbliss: good point
(9:35:18 PM) nn-: then there is the fact that when people go to obtain the list of changed files it will be all of them, and they will have to manually figure out what actually changed
(9:37:34 PM) unknownbliss: fair enough
(9:38:55 PM) unknownbliss: so tests, /phpBB/develop & coding guidelines in develop-olympus. Changes to distributed files in develop.
(9:39:09 PM) nn-: yep
(9:39:54 PM) unknownbliss: in that case it would mean all MOD Authors need to change their headers for submitted MODs to the DB to include the new lisence URL?
(9:40:14 PM) nn-: wrong channel :)
(9:40:28 PM) nn-: we don't set moddb policies here
(9:51:17 PM) Raimon [~Adium@phpbb/manager/Raimon] entered the room.
(9:51:17 PM) mode (+o Raimon) by ChanServ
(9:55:36 PM) unknownbliss: let me know if/when you want me to make the changes and put them into the two PRs.
(9:57:40 PM) nn-: sure
(9:57:48 PM) nn-: or you can start a topic on area51 about this
(9:59:42 PM) unknownbliss: which forum? Its Olympus and Ascraeus but not very general development?
(10:01:03 PM) nn-: you can stuff it in general development
(10:01:12 PM) nn-: if anyone is sufficiently bothered by that they can move it
(10:02:17 PM) unknownbliss: ok
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