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michaelcullum / IRC Discussion
Created January 15, 2012 17:53
IRC Discussion #phpbb-dev 15-01-12
(3:06:45 PM) rxu: callumacrae :
(3:06:45 PM) rxu: as far as I remember, confirmation pages were inserted to reduce server load. Especially on posting.
(3:07:08 PM) rxu: So I'm not sure we want to remove those.
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(3:07:48 PM) rxu: So, please give detailed explanation of cons and pros of that in the ticket, thanks.
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michaelcullum / welcome
Created February 4, 2012 22:35
Welcome to phpBB3!
phpBB™ is the most widely used open source bulletin board solution in the world. phpBB3 is the latest installment in a package line started in 2000. Like its predecessors, phpBB3 is feature-rich, user-friendly, and fully supported by the phpBB Team. phpBB3 greatly improves on what made phpBB2 popular, and adds commonly requested features that were not present in previous versions. We hope it exceeds your expectations.
This installation system will guide you through installing phpBB3, updating to the latest version of phpBB3 from past releases, as well as converting to phpBB3 from a different discussion board system (including phpBB2). For more information, we encourage you to read the installation guide.
To read the phpBB3 license or learn about obtaining support and our stance on it, please select the respective options from the side menu. To continue, please select the appropriate tab above.
michaelcullum / gist:1748371
Created February 5, 2012 23:21
sql array
'SELECT' => 'c.*,b.*,ct.*,u.*',
'FROM' => array(
'WHERE' => 'c.cmnt_id = ' . $db->sql_escape($comment_id) . '
michaelcullum / bit1.php
Created February 5, 2012 23:57
array(BLOG_CMNTS_TABLE, array(
'COLUMNS' => array(
'cmnt_id' => array('UINT', NULL, 'auto_increment'),
'cmnt_blog_id' => array('UINT', 0),
'cmnt_poster_id' => array('UINT', 0),
'cmnt_approved' => array('UINT', 0),
'cmnt_text' => array('TEXT_UNI', ''),
'cmnt_posted_time' => array('TIMESTAMP', 0),
'cmnt_last_edited' => array('TIMESTAMP', 0),
'bbcode_bitfield' => array('VCHAR:255', ''),
michaelcullum / gist:1748537
Created February 6, 2012 00:18
get blog data
static function get_blog_data($blog_id)
global $db;
return false;
$sql_ary = array(
'SELECT' => 'b.*,c.*,u.*',
michaelcullum / gist:1762789
Created February 7, 2012 23:05
Chat log for extension manifest
(5:59:52 PM) unknownbliss: where is the info for a extension kept? For example, phpbb version, extension version, extension name, extension author etc. if there is no MODX?
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(6:12:06 PM) igorw: unknownbliss: we will need som kind of manifest
(6:12:26 PM) igorw: it could be a JSON file, it could be a yaml file, it could be just the info section of modx
(6:12:47 PM) unknownbliss: i'll post up an RFC?
(6:13:05 PM) unknownbliss: or should it go in the main extensions one of nadermans's?
(6:13:38 PM) brunoais: I'll go for JSON or XML (MODx). I'm not into yaml, yet
(6:14:25 PM) brunoais: XML with xsl can be viewed in almost any browser with nice colours and formatting and yaml can't.
(1:05:03 AM) nn-: unknownbliss: reading your comment
(1:05:25 AM) nn-: did you see ?
(1:05:50 AM) unknownbliss: yeep
(1:06:13 AM) unknownbliss: s/yeep/yes
(1:06:17 AM) nn-: we have a bit of a mess with terminology
(1:06:28 AM) nn-: active/inactive vs enabled/disabled
(1:06:38 AM) nn-: and at no point is anything "installed"
(1:07:06 AM) unknownbliss: I was going by the original RFC and the DB table
(1:07:54 AM) unknownbliss: oh maybe not
(1:07:58 AM) ckwalsh [~Adium@phpbb/developer/ckwalsh] entered the room.
michaelcullum / index.html
Created February 13, 2012 15:17
Basic FAQ
<!doctype html>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">
<dd>Answer 1</dd>
After sending two invoices for payment, I sent another and called the client when the receipt that they had received it came back.
CLIENT: Why are you calling me?
ME: You haven’t paid and this is the third invoice I’ve sent.
CLIENT: It’s even more than the last one!
ME: Yes. The contract you signed stated that I would add a late fee for payment.
michaelcullum / sample.php
Created February 14, 2012 18:31
get and output a username
global $user;
$username = $user->data['username'];
echo $username;