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download all the listing images from a given etsy shop
require 'etsy'
Etsy.api_key = '<api-key>'
shop = Etsy::Shop.find '<shop-name>'
out_dir = '<output-directory>'
Etsy.environment = :production
Dir.mkdir out_dir unless File.exists? out_dir
listings = []
offset = 0
nListings = listings.length
listings.concat Etsy::Listing.find_all_by_shop_id(, :limit => 100, :offset => offset)
offset += 100
end while listings.length > nListings
images = {|l| {|i| i.full } }
images.flatten! do |image_url|
uri = URI.parse image_url
out_file = File.join out_dir, File.basename(uri.path)
unless File.exists? out_file
response = Net::HTTP.get_response uri, "w"){|f| f.write response.body }
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Queensesa commented Jul 28, 2021

someone who can help me with this? Pleaaaaase.

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