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RabbitMQ team is proud to announce that starting from the version 3.7.0 RabbitMQ will come with the new command line tools, known as rabbitmqctl.

The reasoning behind this change is that in previous versions rabbitmqctl was deeply integrated into server code, which made it hard to implement new commands, extend and modify existing commands.

The tools is written on Elixir programming language. This will make it easier for people new to erlang to start extending the tools. Although after built, the tools don't require Elixir to be installed.

Plugin developers now can implement custom commands. For more information on custom command implementation see the following tutorial

Command output is now configurable. Commands can print results in multiple formats (e.g JSON, CSV), which can also be extended from plugins.

Full list of the tools features and implementation details cona be found in the CLI GitHub repository

You can try the new tools in the milestone release or by cloning rabbitmq umbrella master branch and building it yourself. Mind that you will need Elixir to build the tools yourself.

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