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Go Cheat Sheet

Go Cheat Sheet

Install Go on Mac

Following the instructions from

  1. Download
  2. Run installer

if you don't set a $GOPATH, the default path is ~/go

Go Modules

Basic Commands

Remember to work outside of your $GOPATH!

  • initialize a new module

    export GO111MODULE=on
    go mod init
    • this will create a go.mod file in your current directory.
  • add a new dependency

    • in your .go file

    • build your code

      go build
    • check your go.mod file, it will only show the module

    • check transitive dependencies with

      go list -m all
  • list versions

    go list -m -versions
  • upgrade modules

    • check available update for all modules via

      go list -m -u all
    • update one specific package via (will update your dependency in go.mod)

      go get -u v0.3.0
    • upgrade all modules

      might not be a good idea though!

      go get -u
  • downgrading

  • use local changes

    # assume the local copy of your module is in ../quote
    go mod edit -replace ''
  • use remote fork / specific tag

    go mod edit -replace ''
  • testing

    • all modules involved in your release (test all modules plus transitive dependencies)

      go test -short all
    • test a single module package

      go test

Convert an existing Project

Working outside of the $GOPATH

  • Initialize Go modules inside the project directory

    go mod init
    go mod tidy

References for Go mdules

Language Details

Go Dependency Management

Testing with Go

Learning Go

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