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Concourse Cheat Sheet

Concourse Cheat Sheet

Collection of Resources for using Concourse CI (for building BOSH releases)


Root privileges in build jobs - use privileged: true in task configuration:

- task: my-task
  privileged: true
  file: my-task.yml
    ENV_VAR: env_value


Problem with checking Git Resource

resource script '/opt/resource/check []' failed: exit status 1

Private keys with passphrases are not supported.

This means that somethings wrong with the key, not necessarily a problem with the passphrase, but e.g. wrong line endings in the keyfile...

Debugging Pipelines

$ fly -t caas pipelines
name   paused  public
meta2  no      yes
$ fly -t caas workers
name                                  containers  platform  tags  team  state    version
2ad7dc2c-2531-49c4-8b92-5284484d757e  1           linux     none  none  running  2.1
[caas@ev1cvm800367 pipelines]$
  • sometimes workers go into staling
    • fly -t caas prune-worker...


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