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Michał Marczyk michalmarczyk

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michalmarczyk / letrec2.clj
Created May 16, 2014
letrec for Clojure using tools.macro's symbol-macrolet
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;(use '[ :only [symbol-macrolet]])
(defmacro letrec
"Like let, but the bindings may be mutually recursive, provided that
the heads of all values can be evaluated independently.
This means that functions, lazy sequences, delays and the like can
refer to other bindings regardless of the order in which they
appear in the letrec form."
[bindings & body]
michalmarczyk / delegating-proxy.clj
Created Feb 1, 2012
A ridiculous proxy macro which delegates calls to methods which have not been explicitly implemented to a specified object.
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;;; Written when pondering
(defmacro delegating-proxy [o class-and-ifaces ctor-args & impls]
(let [oname (gensym)]
(letfn [(delegating-impls [^java.lang.reflect.Method ms]
(let [mname (symbol (.getName ^java.lang.reflect.Method (first ms)))
arity-groups (partition-by #(count (.getParameterTypes ^java.lang.reflect.Method %)) ms)
max-arity (max-key #(count (.getParameterTypes ^java.lang.reflect.Method %)) ms)]
michalmarczyk / join_xform.clj
Created Mar 6, 2018
data.avl-based join transducer as discussed in the hallway track of Clojure/conj 2018
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(alembic/distill '[org.clojure/data.avl "0.0.17"])
(alembic/distill '[net.cgrand/xforms "0.12.1"])
(require '[ :as avl]
'[net.cgrand.xforms :as x])
(defn join [keyfn xforms-map]
(x/multiplex xforms-map)
michalmarczyk / order3.clj
Created Nov 18, 2017
Compute permutation that sorts the input
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;; Written to answer
;; See for the single-threaded version
(defn order3 [xs]
(let [rnd (java.util.Random.)
a1 (double-array xs)
a2 (long-array (alength a1))]
(dotimes [i (alength a2)]
(aset a2 i i))
(letfn [(quicksort [^long l ^long h]
michalmarczyk / order2.clj
Created Nov 18, 2017
Compute permutation that sorts the input
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;; Written to answer
(defn order2 [xs]
(let [rnd (java.util.Random.)
a1 (double-array xs)
a2 (long-array (alength a1))]
(dotimes [i (alength a2)]
(aset a2 i i))
(letfn [(quicksort [^long l ^long h]
(if (< l h)
View trace-ns.clj
;;; See the inspirational SO question:
(require 'clojure.contrib.trace)
(defn trace-ns
"Replaces each function from the given namespace with a version wrapped
in a tracing call. Can be undone with untrace-ns. ns should be a namespace
object or a symbol."
(doseq [s (keys (ns-interns ns))
michalmarczyk / locals_loops.clj
Created Jan 17, 2017
Clojure local shadowing, loop semantics
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;;; See the comment threads here:
(loop [x 1
f (fn [] x)]
(if (== 1 x)
(recur 0 f)
;= 1
michalmarczyk / clojure-font-lock-setup.el
Created Mar 19, 2010
coloured SLIME REPL for Clojure
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;;; all code in this function lifted from the clojure-mode function
;;; from clojure-mode.el
(defun clojure-font-lock-setup ()
(set (make-local-variable 'lisp-indent-function)
(set (make-local-variable 'lisp-doc-string-elt-property)
(set (make-local-variable 'font-lock-multiline) t)
View producer_consumer.clj
;; for now, consumer starts producer
;; -- must make sure that output chan already on comm-chan before producer starts
(defn producer [comm-chan]
(go (loop []
(if-let [c (<! comm-chan)]
(>! c (rand))
(>! comm-chan c)
View validate_under.clj
(defn validate-under [attr validator]
(fn [m]
(let [result (validator (get m attr))]
[(empty? result) (v/nest attr result)])))
(def example-v
(validate-under :foo (v/validation-set (v/presence-of :bar)))))
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