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{"data": {"type": "dois", "attributes": {"doi": "10.80519/asencis.4302-4ae4", "prefix": "10.80519", "suffix": "asencis.4302-4ae4", "event": "publish", "creators": [{"name": "Roberts, Michael", "nameType": "Personal", "givenName": "Michael", "familyName": "Roberts", "nameIdentifiers": [{"nameIdentifier": "", "nameIdentifierScheme": "ORCID"}]}], "titles": [{"title": "HadCRUT4 Land & Ocean Temperature Measurements"}], "publisher": "asencis", "container": {}, "publicationYear": 2020, "subjects": [], "contributors": [], "types": {"resourceTypeGeneral": "Dataset"}, "relatedIdentifiers": [], "sizes": [21510268], "formats": ["application/x-netcdf"], "descriptions": [{"description": "HadCRUT4 is a global temperature dataset, providing gridded temperature anomalies across the world as well as averages for the hemispheres and the globe as a whole. CRUTEM4 and HadSST3 are the land and ocean components of this overall dataset, respectively.", "descriptionType": "Abstract"}, {"description": "Combined land [CRUTEM4] and marine [SST anomalies from HadSST3] temperature anomalies on a 5\u00b0 by 5\u00b0 grid.", "descriptionType": "TechnicalInfo"}, {"description": "These datasets have been developed by the Climatic Research Unit (University of East Anglia) in conjunction with the Hadley Centre (UK Met Office), apart from the sea surface temperature (SST) dataset which was developed solely by the Hadley Centre.", "descriptionType": "Other"}], "geoLocations": [], "fundingReferences": [], "url": "", "schemaVersion": "", "isActive": true, "state": "findable", "reason": null}}}
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