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Last active Aug 14, 2021
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seting up bitcoin core ...

Initializing a bitcoin chain is disk,bandwidth and ressource consuming

at the age of P2P this doesn't have to be the case if each one of us takes a small portion of the chain and seeds it for the community :

I have placed 1% of the chain on IPFS (blkxxxxx.dat) in 128MB chunks ...

  • 00000 to 00041 : QmaKv6TAJ8Tw4FmvW67FhSq59YRx9DGDQwHbAGNps1KtSf

  • 00049 to 00051 : QmR2uTvUyqqgjoppMTF1pNA22CKfeG5eUUrR2qU8vXBPfm

    So if each one of us is storing (i.e. put a pin on one of the hashes above) then we can have access to the whole blockchain w/o the need to download it all.

Do you think this would be useful ??

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