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Sun eclipse crop by top border
import os, sys
from PIL import Image, ImageOps
from os import path
import imghdr
inputDir = "input"
outputDir = "output"
sunSize = 0
imgBoarder = 200
def treshold(x):
if x < 100:
x = 0
return x
def suncrop(image, border):
sunBorders = image.point(treshold).getbbox()
global sunSize
# get sun size from the first image where the sun is complete
if sunSize == 0:
sunSize = sunBorders[3] - sunBorders[1]
print "Sunsize %d px" % sunSize
# calculcate top point x from sun by cropping first line and divide left and right border /2
sunFirstLinePoints = (0, sunBorders[1], im.size[0], sunBorders[1]+1)
sunFirstLineCrop = im.crop(sunFirstLinePoints)
sunFirstLineBoarder = sunFirstLineCrop.point(treshold).getbbox()
topBorder = sunBorders[1] - imgBoarder
bottomSunBorder = sunBorders[1] + imgBoarder + sunSize
leftSunBoarder = ((sunFirstLineBoarder[0] + sunFirstLineBoarder[2])/2) - (sunSize/2) - imgBoarder
rightSunBoarder = ((sunFirstLineBoarder[0] + sunFirstLineBoarder[2])/2) + (sunSize/2) + imgBoarder
# crop whole image only by top point and sun size as reference
sunBorderBorders = (leftSunBoarder, topBorder, rightSunBoarder, bottomSunBorder)
return image.crop(sunBorderBorders)
sunSize = 0
files = [f for f in os.listdir(inputDir) if f.endswith(".jpg")]
for img in files:
im ="%s/%s" % (inputDir, img))
imtrim = suncrop(im, imgBoarder)
outfile = "%s/%s" % (outputDir, img)
print "Saving to %s" % outfile
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