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export class PrixDuPanierCalculSteps {
private addToBasket: AddToBasket = null
private getBasketInformation: GetBasketInformation = null
@given(/^Un panier contenant aucun livre$/)
public givenUnPanierContenantAucunLivre(): void {
const basketRepository = new InMemoryBasketRepository()
this.addToBasket = new AddToBasket(basketRepository)
this.getBasketInformation = new GetBasketInformation(basketRepository)
@when(/^J’ajoute (.*) fois le livre (.*) dans le panier$/)
public async whenJAjouteXFoisLeMemeLivreDansLePanier(time: string, bookTitle: string): Promise<void> {
const book = new Book(bookTitle)
for (let i = 1; i <= parseInt(time); i++)
await this.addToBasket.execute(book)
@when(/^J’ajout les livres (.*) dans le panier$/)
public async whenJAjoutDesLivresDansLePanier(books: string): Promise<void> {
for (const bookTitle of books.split(',')) {
const book = new Book(bookTitle)
await this.addToBasket.execute(book)
@then(/^Le prix du panier est (.*)$/)
public async thenLePrixDuPanierEst(basketPrice: string): Promise<void> {
const basket = await this.getBasketInformation().execute()
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