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Homebrew Formula for a Go app

Homebrew Formula for a Go app

These are quick notes from making my own Formula and Tap.

Add go build script to your Git repo


set -eux

export GOPATH="$(pwd)/.gobuild"

[ -d ${GOPATH} ] && rm -rf ${GOPATH}
mkdir -p ${GOPATH}/{src,pkg,bin}
mkdir -p ${SRCDIR}
cp tf.go ${SRCDIR}
    echo ${GOPATH}
    cd ${SRCDIR}
    go get .
    go install .

Create tar.gz

You can do this by tagging your Github repository with a version.

Update Brew

brew update

Create Formula skel

brew create ''

Modify Formula


class Tf < Formula
  homepage ""
  url ""
  sha256 "b59730cfbc3c62027bd91942c70d3d07c2bbc4f82b0332d17da977bb7f2041bc"

  depends_on "go" => :build

  def install
    system ""
    bin.install ".gobuild/bin/tf" => "tf"

  test do
    system "#{bin}/tf", "--help"

Audit Formula

brew audit --strict tf

Test local install

HOMEBREW_MAKE_JOBS=1 brew install -v tf

Github pull request

Github pull request

Make your own Tap

Create a Git repo called "homebrew-something".

Add your formula to the root of the repo. After this you can use it like:

The "name" should not include "homebrew-" which is a prefix

brew tap mickep76/funk-gnarge
brew install mickep76/funk-gnarge/tf
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