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Force resigning with CoreDNS
# Force resigning
$ rm /var/lib/coredns/
[ERROR] plugin/file: Failed to open zone "" in "/var/lib/coredns/": open /var/lib/coredns/ no such file or directory
$ kill -SIGUSR1 $(pidof coredns)
[INFO] SIGUSR1: Reloading
[INFO] Reloading
[WARNING] plugin/file: Failed to open "open /var/lib/coredns/ no such file or directory": trying again in 1m0s
[INFO] Reloading complete
[INFO] plugin/sign: Successfully signed zone "" in "/var/lib/coredns/" with key tags "33694" and 1564822775 SOA serial, elapsed 211.445314ms, next: 2019-08-03T13:59:35.150Z
[INFO] plugin/file: Successfully reloaded zone "" in "/var/lib/coredns/" with serial 1564822775
[INFO] plugin/file: Sent notify for zone "" to ""
[INFO] plugin/file: Sent notify for zone "" to ""
[INFO] plugin/file: Outgoing transfer of 56 records of zone to started with 1564822775 SOA serial
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