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httpstat --help
$ httpstat --help
Usage: httpstat URL [CURL_OPTIONS]
httpstat -h | --help
httpstat --version
URL url to request, could be with or without `http(s)://` prefix
CURL_OPTIONS any curl supported options, except for -w -D -o -S -s,
which are already used internally.
-h --help show this screen.
--version show version.
HTTPSTAT_SHOW_BODY Set to `true` to show resposne body in the output,
note that body length is limited to 1023 bytes, will be
truncated if exceeds. Default is `false`.
HTTPSTAT_SHOW_IP By default httpstat shows remote and local IP/port address.
Set to `false` to disable this feature. Default is `true`.
HTTPSTAT_SHOW_SPEED Set to `true` to show download and upload speed.
Default is `false`.
HTTPSTAT_SAVE_BODY By default httpstat stores body in a tmp file,
set to `false` to disable this feature. Default is `true`
HTTPSTAT_CURL_BIN Indicate the curl bin path to use. Default is `curl`
from current shell $PATH.
HTTPSTAT_DEBUG Set to `true` to see debugging logs. Default is `false`
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