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Favorite JavaScript Things

Shahar Or’s favorite JavaScript things

To learn more about me, check out my main gist, at

Common things

  • simple APIs
  • testable
  • maintainable
  • composable & reusable
  • comprehensible

JavaScript superset: TypeScript

  • saves me a ton of work. period.
  • makes my code more reliable. period.
  • period.

Favorite TypeScript options

Read about them here.

  • noImplicitAny
  • strictNullChecks
  • alwaysStrict
  • noUnusedLocals

I should probably try:

  • noImplicitThis
  • noImplicitReturns

Linter / code style: Standard

  • clean
  • wise
  • standard
  • configurable/extensible
  • popular/has chance to win
  • editor/IDE Plugins available
  • trivial to set up
  • based on awesome ESLint
  • I wish it was extensible so I proposed it

Linter / code style for TypeScript: I don't know!

I wish I could use Standard for TypeScript! What shall I do??

Modules in the browser: Webpack

I loved using Browserify but Webpack clearly won.

Immutable state: Immutable.js

Seems like the most correct implementation to me.

Lazy data manipulation: Lazy.js

If it actually matters, it can improve:

  • speed
  • battery
  • CPU time


I’ve listened retroactively to all of the hundreds of episodes of, and keep listening regularly to:

DOM abstraction: Snabbdom

  • Really just the DOM
  • Modular
  • Fast
  • simple API

Program framework: Cycle.js


  • streams!!!
  • I like the abstractions
  • Snabbdom
  • encourages functional

Dependency management: npm (comes with Node.js)

  • Bower is only for front-end and it has virtually zero features.
  • for Node.js and browser
  • essentially tree, practically flat
  • semantic versioning
  • deps, devDeps, peerDeps
  • enterprise option

There are some other stuff out there, like SystemJS, which I haven't tried.


  • Whether an object is subset of another: is-subset

Versioning: semantic versioning (SemVer)

  • Supposedly unambiguous (if followed)
  • Actually tells you something about the changes (whether they could break your usage)

Switching between Node.JS runtimes: Node Version Manager (nvm)

  • Does a fine job, is how I see it

I might try nodenv.




Watching file systems


Stringify objects

Things I should try

Things I'd like to exist

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