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Shahar Or mightyiam

when to give me a sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan cake
January 16 (just give me a ripe tropical fruit, instead)
Ra’anana, Israel
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Table of Contents

Favorite points in the development process

  • "ahuh!" moments
  • pair programming
  • receiving frequent code reviews
  • giving frequent code reviews
  • long, undisturbed coding sessions
  • siesta
  • walks


I love correctness. I design my code and process to be as correct as possible.

I refactor early. I will eagerly git stash my changes when I’ve identified an unrelated yet necessary change and make that change into its own pull-request.

I love committing changes that are free of technical debt. That are incremental steps.

I file issues as soon as I see them and document them properly.

I properly inspect any library I use; What’s the license? Does it have tests? Is it actively maintained? Is source look readable?

I design my APIs to be simple. I prefer simple over easy.

Open Source

I love maintaining and publishing open source and submitting the occasional pull-request. Check out my pinned repositories.

Contributions I'm happy about:

Special <3 for passing knowledge forward

I’ve a special love for it. Whether it’d be teaching a co-worker, a private student or a class, online or face-to-face. And I can give a talk about anything—a pattern, a paradigm, a set of APIs…

Favorite JavaScript things

You’re welcome to review my favorite JavaScript things. It also lists things I’d like to try some day and things I wish existed.

General computer stuff

I’ve been building my own desktop computers from parts since teen years.

I’ve set up networks, home servers, installed an operating system more times than I wish to remember, played with HTTP servers, mail servers, terminal servers, file servers, DHCP servers, DNS...


I’ve been daily-driving Linux for more than a decade. I know my way around the command line. I’ve running the same Ubuntu installation on my desktop since:

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 58 Oct 12  2010 /var/log/installer/media-info

Back then it was Ubuntu 10.10.

Since then I’ve:

  • upgraded the filesystem from ext3 to ext4
  • Migrated to new hardware multiple times
  • Set up block-level encryption on LVM on software RAID1

Real geeky stuff.

The woes of cross-browser

My experience with WYMeditor exposed me to difficult parts of the DOM API—especially when targeting multiple browsers. Namely, the designMode and contentEditable DOM "features".

Fortunately, with the increasing popularity of evergreen browsers, cross-browser idiosyncrasies are becoming less of an issue for us web developers.

Other loves

Wall climbing, drumset playing, room escaping, parkouring, music…

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