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Created January 15, 2012 08:14
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Powder / Powify Comparison
Powder | Powify
[Server Commands]
Install pow server ( curl | sh )
powder install | powify server install
Reinstall pow server
- | powify server reinstall
Update pow server
- | powify server update
Uninstall pow server ( curl | sh )
powder uninstall | powify server uninstall
List all pow apps ( ls -l ~/.pow/ )
powder list | powify server list
Start the pow server ( launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/cx.pow.powd.plist )
powder up | powify server start
Stop the pow server ( launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/cx.pow.powd.plist )
powder down | powify server stop
Restart the pow server
- | powify server restart
Updates hosts file to map pow domains to
powder host | powify server host
Removes pow domains from hostfile
powder unhost | powify server unhost
Shows current pow status
powder status | powify server status
Shows current pow configuration
powder config | powify server config
Tails the Pow log ( tail -f ~/Library/Logs/Pow/access.log )
- | powify server logs
[App Commands]
Create a pow app from the current directory( ln -s `pwd` ~/.pow/[NAME] )
powder link [NAME] | powify create [NAME]
Destroy the pow app served from the current directory ( rm ~/.pow/[name])
powder unlink [NAME] | powify destroy [NAME]
Clean up invalid symbolic link
powder cleanup | -
Restart pow app ( touch tmp/restart.txt)
powder restart | powify restart [NAME]
Always restart pow app ( touch tmp/always_restart.txt)
powder always_restart | powify always_restart [NAME]
Reset restart settings ( rm tmp/always_restart.txt)
powder no_restarts | powify always_restart_off [NAME]
Rename the pow app to [NAME]
- | powify rename [NAME]
Run the this pow app in a different environment
- | powify env [ENV]
Open a pow in the browser
powder open | powify browse [NAME]
Tail the application logs ( tail -f ~/Library/Logs/Pow/apps/[NAME].log )
powder log | powify logs [NAME]
Set this app as default (http://localhost/)
powder default | -
Remove current default app
powder un_default | -
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migrs commented Jan 30, 2012

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