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Last active Jun 15, 2019

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Random ideas of Miguel Mota

List of random ideas I have (in no particular order)

  • ssh to website content (in devtools?)
  • map showing all IPFS nodes
  • handgesture drawing with friends web app where users draw by moving their finger (webcam motion detection)
  • vimwiki web ui + secure site to view over dropbox sync
  • hello world ethereum + state channels lightbike game
  • hi-tech ping pong paddle where the ball is conductive and paddle is using conductive paint to determine position of pall on paddle when hit
  • gist powered blog where gists are fetched by cron job and generated to static html files
  • stream data from terminal to browser and vice versa
  • cool crypto dashboard in your terminal
  • hive like board game on ethereum with state channels
  • having bank account that doesn't suck
  • click jacking detection browser extension
  • 1-click domain transfers between registrars
  • Decentralized SQS queue like systems
  • desktop app that looks for peers in your network and you can tune into their audio stream (office dj)
  • gist powered stickies/notes app where you can have an offline file and will sync with a private gist on connection
  • send a live stream of text to anyone with a link and can comment on particular lines (like google docs)
  • brower extension that automatically stores the bookmarked site to the web archive and fetches it from there when the site no longer exists
  • saving to Google docs auto-publishes to IPFS
  • use git hooks to push and verify signed commits from a smart contracts
  • sponsored transactions that advertisers pay for the fee but show you an ad while you're waiting for confirmations
  • incorporate yubikey authereuntication for smart contracts

© Miguel Mota

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