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public static List<KeyValue<SpecificRecord, OutboundMessage>> generateAlerts(AccountEntry accountEntry,
CustomerAlertSettings settings) {
/* Generates addressed alerts for an AccountEntry, using the alert settings with the following steps:
* 1) Settings are for a specific account, drop AccountEntries not for this account
* 2) Match each setting with all alerts to generate appropriate messages
* 3) Address the generated messages
if (settings == null) {
return new ArrayList<>();
return settings.getAccountAlertSettings().stream()
.filter(accountAlertSettings -> matchAccount(accountEntry, accountAlertSettings))
.flatMap(accountAlertSettings -> accountAlertSettings.getSettings().stream())
.flatMap(accountAlertSetting -> Stream.of(
generateBalanceAbove(accountEntry, accountAlertSetting),
generateBalanceBelow(accountEntry, accountAlertSetting),
generateCreditedAbove(accountEntry, accountAlertSetting),
generateDebitedAbove(accountEntry, accountAlertSetting))
.flatMap(messageWithChannels -> mapAddresses(messageWithChannels.getValue0(), settings.getAddresses())
.map(address -> KeyValue.pair(address, messageWithChannels.getValue1())))

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