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Testing Compare G-Econ.ipynb

OpenAddresses Population Comparison

OpenAddresses is a free and open global address collection. This gist is a record of an attempt to compare OA data density with worldwide population estimates. Read an explanatory blog post with more information about the code and data here.

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Name ISO A2
Sao Tome and Principe ST
Bouvet I. BV
Serbia and Montenegro RS
French Polynesia PF
Bosnia&Herzegovina BA
Midway Is. MI
Gibraltar GI
South Georgia & the South Sandwich Is. GS
Laos LA
Northern Mariana Is. MP
Cote d'Ivoire CI
Czech Republic CZ
Guadeloupe GP
Kyrgyztan KG
Virgin Is.
Tuvalu TV
Antarctica AQ
St. Vincent and the Grenadines VC
Solomon Islands SB
Marshall Islands MH
Christmas I. CX
Tokelau TK
Martinique MQ
Netherlands Antilles AN
Dominican Republic DO
St. Pierre & Miquelon PM
Baker and Howland Island
Johnston Atoll
Mayotte YT
Guinea Bissau GW
Central African Republic CF
Bailiwick of Jersey JE
British Indian Ocean Territory IO
Heard I. & McDonald Is. HM
Federated State of Micronesia FM
Wallis and Futuna WF
Timor Leste TP
French Guiana GF
St. Lucia LC
Bailiwick of Guernsey GG
North Korea KP
Wake I. WK
West Bank and Gaza PS
Macau MO
Equatorial Guinea GQ
Jan Mayen
Jarvis I.
Vatican City VA
Faroe Is. FO
French Southern & Antarctic Lands TF
Norfolk I. NF
Antigua and Barbuda AG
Turks & Caicos Is. TC
Reunion RE
Cocos Is. CC
South Korea KR
Democratic Republic of Congo CD
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