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FreddieOliveira /
Last active Jan 23, 2022
This tutorial shows how to run docker natively on Android, without VMs and chroot.

Docker on Android 🐋📱

Edit 🎉

All packages, except for Tini have been added to termux-root. To install them, simply pkg install root-repo && pkg install docker. This will install the whole docker suite, left only Tini to be compiled manually.


mjambon /
Created Jun 2, 2019
OCaml functions for printing a tree in a terminal like the 'tree' command
Created by Martin Jambon and placed in the Public Domain on June 1, 2019.
Print a tree or a DAG as tree, similarly to the 'tree' command.
open Printf
let rec iter f = function
| [] -> ()
abenoit /
Last active Apr 3, 2019
ReasonML Binding for react-click-outside
[@bs.module "react-click-outside"]
external clickOutside: ReasonReact.reactClass = "default";
[@bs.deriving abstract]
type jsProps = {
className: option(string),
onClickOutside: ReactEvent.Mouse.t => unit,
let make = (~className=?, ~onClickOutside, children) =>
aksonov /
Last active Oct 29, 2021
Proposal for lightning talk at ReactiveConf 2017: What is RNRF (react-native-router-flux)?

What is RNRF (react-native-router-flux)?

React Native is great product but lacks for stable, intuitive and easy navigation API during many years. Every year we see new, better API: Native Navigator, ex-Navigator, NavigationExperimental, ex-Navigation, wix native navigation, airbnb native navigation, ReactNavigation...

Once I've started React Native development, in 2015, I created RNRF - simple API for easy navigation. It was clear that better navigation instruments will come later but I didn't want to change my code again and again to switch for better API. Every new major version of RNRF is based on different navigation framework and mostly preserves own API.

Another goal was to represent all navigation flow within one place in clear, human-readable way - similar to iOS Storyboards concept. This way other engineers could understand your app flow faster.

bellbind / main.js
Last active Sep 29, 2021
[electron] Tray launcher example
View main.js
"use strict";
// [run the app]
// $ npm install electron
// $ ./node_modules/.bin/electron .
const {app, nativeImage, Tray, Menu, BrowserWindow} = require("electron");
let top = {}; // prevent gc to keep windows
simonista / .vimrc
Last active Jan 20, 2022
A basic .vimrc file that will serve as a good template on which to build.
View .vimrc
" Don't try to be vi compatible
set nocompatible
" Helps force plugins to load correctly when it is turned back on below
filetype off
" TODO: Load plugins here (pathogen or vundle)
" Turn on syntax highlighting
syntax on
tungd / react-helper.js
Last active Nov 30, 2018
React Helper to initialize the component from HTML, similar to AngularJS.
View react-helper.js
* react-helper.js
* Helper for Facebook's React UI Library. Add support for declare
* component on DOM (similar to AngularJS Directive).
* Usage:
* - Register a component:
* ReactHelper.register('MyComponent', MyComponent)
* - Declare the DOM node:
View tmux-cheatsheet.markdown

tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet

start new:


start new with session name:

tmux new -s myname