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Forked from johntyree/soundcloud
Last active Feb 21, 2022
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Fill MPC/MPD playlist with SoundCloud stream URLs
Options: --genre search user tracks url playlist
me@localhost:~$ ./bin/ -g dubstep
['mpc', 'load', 'soundcloud://search/?genre=dubstep']
loading: soundcloud://search/?genre=dubstep
me@localhost:~$ mpc playlist
Become one Remix (Dubstep) Sacki vs Coma sound
DjentStep (Dubstep + Metal Genre Mash)
MSTRMX - Genre: Dubstep
Back At It
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# coding: utf8
# GistID: 8232376
import optparse
import sys
from subprocess import check_call
from urllib.parse import urlparse, quote, urlencode
def parseargs(argv=sys.argv):
parser = optparse.OptionParser()
parser.add_option('-g', '--genre', help="Genre", dest='genre')
return parser.parse_args(argv)
def soundcloud_uri(query, options=None, mode='search'):
options = options or {}
options = {k: v for k, v in options.items() if v}
url = "soundcloud://{}/{}?{}"
return url.format(mode, quote(query), urlencode(options))
def main():
cmd = ['mpc', 'load']
MODES = set(("search", "user", "tracks", "url", "playlist"))
argv = list(sys.argv)[1:]
if argv[0] in MODES:
mode = argv.pop(0)
mode = 'search'
opt, args = parseargs(argv)
query = ' '.join(args)
url = soundcloud_uri(query, vars(opt), mode)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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