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Ubuntu support for EOL release upgrades

Ubuntu support for EOL release upgrades


(do-release-upgrade's source code):


(How did I get there) => =>

do-reloase-upgrade source code

git clone
cat DistUpgrade/
 394             self._view.error(_("Can not upgrade"),
 395                              _("An upgrade from '%s' to '%s' is not "
 396                                "supported with this tool." % (release, self.toDist)))


  1. How it is called from the ubuntu-release-upgrader/do-release-upgrade(.py) (
  2. What is the condition in the DistUpgrade/ triggering the error.


  1. Create UbuntuOne account
  2. Post a bug/question here: . Similar bugs:
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mikbuch commented Jun 21, 2022

To sum up, the required changes in the original ubuntu-release-upgrader repository ( are:

cd ubuntu-release-upgrader
git checkout ubuntu/impish
cd data
cp DistUpgrade.cfg.focal DistUpgrade.cfg.groovy
sed -i s/From=focal/From=groovy/ DistUpgrade.cfg.groovy
cp demoted.cfg.focal demoted.cfg.groovy

Then check the differences:


diff DistUpgrade.cfg.groovy DistUpgrade.cfg.focal

should be:

< From=groovy
> From=focal


diff demoted.cfg.focal demoted.cfg.groovy

should be none.

Then follow the instructions from: , i.e.:

To fork this repository and propose fixes from there, push to this repository:

git push git+ssh:// BRANCHNAME 

or fork it directly to your account.

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mikbuch commented Jul 11, 2022

The fix has been committed and tested (verified). The package is pending a new release:

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