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More informative debugging description for NSError
- (NSString *)debugDescription;
// Log the entirety of domain, code, userInfo for debugging.
// Operates recursively on underlying errors
NSMutableDictionary *dictionaryRep = [[self userInfo] mutableCopy];
[dictionaryRep setObject:[self domain]
[dictionaryRep setObject:[NSNumber numberWithInteger:[self code]]
NSError *underlyingError = [[self userInfo] objectForKey:NSUnderlyingErrorKey];
NSString *underlyingErrorDescription = [underlyingError debugDescription];
if (underlyingErrorDescription)
[dictionaryRep setObject:underlyingErrorDescription
// Finish up
NSString *result = [dictionaryRep description];
[dictionaryRep release];
return result;
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