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Add C# += / -= event subscriptions to Python using the Events package
from events import Events # Note you must pip install events
class Person:
def __init__(self, name: str, age: int, city: str):
self.__events = Events(('on_name_changed', 'on_age_changed', 'on_location_changed'))
self.on_name_changed = self.__events.on_name_changed
self.on_age_changed = self.__events.on_age_changed
self.on_location_changed = self.__events.on_location_changed
self.__name = name
self.__age = age
self.__city = city
def age(self):
return self.__age
def age(self, value):
old = self.__age
self.__age = value
if old != value:
def name(self):
return self.__name
def name(self, value):
old = self.__name
self.__name = value
if old != value:
def city(self):
return self.__city
def city(self, value):
old = self.__city
self.__city = value
if old != value:
def main():
p1 = Person("Michael", 47, "Portland")
p2 = Person("Zoe", 50, "Orlando")
p1.on_name_changed += lambda p: print(f"Person changed name to {}.")
p1.on_location_changed += location_changed
p2.on_location_changed += location_changed
# Two moves for Zoe = "Seattle" = "LA"
# One move for Michael = "Vancouver"
# One name change for Michael to Mike = "Mike"
# No longer watching for moves for Michael
p1.on_location_changed -= location_changed = "Portland"
def location_changed(person: Person):
print(f"Looks like {} has moved to {}")
if __name__ == '__main__':

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@mikeckennedy mikeckennedy commented Aug 5, 2020

Here's the output I get when running locally:

Looks like Zoe has moved to Seattle
Looks like Zoe has moved to LA
Looks like Michael has moved to Vancouver
Person changed name to Mike.
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