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JIRA ticket template in the 3 C's format (Card, Conversation, and Confirmation)

h2. Card

Also known as the User Story. Explain the requirement in a sentence or two. This should just enough text to identify the requirement, including any crucial information about site/environment.

As a [user role], I want [function], so that [value].

If this doesn't fit as a user story (e.g., a bug ticket), that's fine, just explain it as a concise sentence.

h2. Conversation

This should answer the question "What are all the things someone would need to know in order to build this?"

Attachments such as wireframes, screenshots, and other documentation may be referenced here. Implementation notes, if necessary, should go here as well.

h2. Confirmation

This should include both Acceptance Criteria for when a feature can be considered done and the Testing Steps on how to confirm that. Any other information required for testing should go here as well.

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