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Template for a Post Mortem. See for context.

YYYY-MM-DD Post Mortem

Property Information
Impact Describe the impact of this incident
Status Ongoing/Resolved
Date of Incident When did this incident occur
Time Window Start and end time for this incident
Total Time How long (hours/minutes) did this incident last
JIRA Issue(s) Ticket number for any related JIRA tickets
Server/Location Editorial, production, specific site, etc.

Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue including the duration, start and end times, and impact.

Resolution and Recovery

Give detailed explanation of actions taken (includes times)

Five Why's

Enter the problem statement here.

# Why did this happen? Why wasn't this caught?

Detailed Root Cause(s)

If one or more root causes are apparent after the Five Why's, list them here. 

Future Preventative Measures

Based on the root cause(s), how can we keep this issue or similar issues from happening again?

Action Items

  • Task 1
  • Task 2
  • Task 3

Full Timeline

Time Event

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@rszrama rszrama commented Oct 20, 2017

Reported this gist. It's triggering.


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@mikecrittenden mikecrittenden commented Oct 20, 2017

Can I see the 5 Why's for why this gist was triggering to you @rszrama?

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