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Example of using Kotlin/Native on Windows
typealias WSTR = CPointer<ShortVar>
private fun WSTR.toKString(): String = memScoped {
// Figure out how much memory we need after UTF-8 conversion.
val sz = WideCharToMultiByte(CP_UTF8, WC_ERR_INVALID_CHARS, this@toKString, -1, null, 0, null, null)
// Now convert to UTF-8 and from there, a String.
val utf8 = allocArray<ByteVar>(sz)
val r = WideCharToMultiByte(CP_UTF8, WC_ERR_INVALID_CHARS, this@toKString, -1, utf8, sz, null, null)
if (r == 0) throw RuntimeException("Could not convert to UTF-8")
private val fullBinaryPath: String by lazy {
// Get the path to the EXE.
val hmodule = GetModuleHandleW(null)
val wstr: WSTR = nativeHeap.allocArray<ShortVar>(MAX_PATH)
GetModuleFileNameW(hmodule, wstr, MAX_PATH)
// Strip the filename leaving just the directory.
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