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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# To use, unpack a regular JDK somewhere and set JDK_HOME to point to it. The default here expects a JDK 15 early access
# in the same directory but you can set JDK_HOME to anything.
# Set OUT_DIR to where you want the combined JavaFX/JDK to be:
# Then make sure JavaFX JMODs are unpacked to this path, or edit it
# You can get them from here:
# Or you can compile JavaFX for yourself. Why not, as you're building a custom JDK spin anyway.
echo "Generating to $OUT_DIR"
if [ -d $OUT_DIR ]; then
rm -rf $OUT_DIR
# The FXDK is a superset of the JDK, so we want all the modules.
# Use --list-modules to print every module in the source JDK, but they come with @something tacked
# on the end, so use awk to strip that off and then paste to join them to a comma separated list.
ALL_MODULES=$( $JDK_HOME/bin/java --list-modules | awk -F@ '{print $1}' | paste -s -d , - )
# And now build the new JDK with all modules + the listed javafx modules
$JDK_HOME/bin/jlink --module-path $JFX_JMODS \
--add-modules javafx.fxml,javafx.web,,javafx.swing,$ALL_MODULES \
--bind-services \
--compress=1 \
--order-resources=/module-info.class,@classlist,/java.base/java/lang/ \
--output $OUT_DIR
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