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What would you like to do?

50 things designers might do at Zapier

In no particular order:

  1. Create low-fidelity mocks of new UI for the product
  2. Create high-fidelity mocks of new UI for the product
  3. Create wireframes of new UI for the product
  4. Evaluate and iterate existing UI with respect to it's goals
  5. Do remote user testing for new UI
  6. Do in-person user testing for new UI
  7. Figure out what a new product should do through user research
  8. Do print design for t-shirts, notebooks, one-sheets, other swag, etc.
  9. Design the Zapier logotype and logomark
  10. Create a design spec for a new product
  11. Do support at Zapier
  12. Document design, processes, and tools
  13. Concept and implement ongoing, impactful multi-variate tests
  14. Copywriting and editing for marketing copy
  15. Interview and decide from a list of designers to hire
  16. Run a design team (say, 10 designers)
  17. Run a design workshop
  18. Design company slides
  19. Own the Zapier brand
  20. Extend the brand colors for a new landing page design
  21. Create logos and assets for our partners to use in co-marketing
  22. Design Zapier emails
  23. Implement a design in HTML
  24. Implement a design in CSS, SASS, or LESS
  25. Maintain a 10k LOC CSS codebase
  26. Create your own CSS framework
  27. Write javascript to implement part of your design
  28. Source and edit comic book art for use on Zapier
  29. Create brand new comic book art for Zapier
  30. Work on character design to develop default avatars and a brand mascot
  31. Authoritatively write about your design process
  32. Implement a successful remote team design process
  33. Do design reviews with teammates
  34. Define the visual design other designers in the company use
  35. Work within an existing visual design framework
  36. Create a live style guide for teammates to use in your absence
  37. Create a style guide for external partners to use in your absence
  38. Make responsive
  39. Make Zapier look okay inside an iframe on a partner site
  40. Recruit and source design candidate leads for hiring
  41. Train and onboard new designers who join the team
  42. Be a public advocate about Zapier design (speaking gigs, conferences, etc)
  43. Find qualified leads for user testing.
  44. Travel to work with teammates, speaking gigs, conferences
  45. Act as a product manager for a small team or project
  46. Decide core KPIs for design and projects at Zapier
  47. Design native mobile apps for iOS and Android
  48. Improve discoverability through information architecture
  49. Do weekly customer interviews and share stories with the team
  50. Dream up the future of Zapier, inspire and motivate your teammates
  51. [Write-in something that is not listed]
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