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function my_admin_menu() {
swap_admin_menu_sections('Pages','Posts'); // Swap location of Posts Section with Pages Section
rename_admin_menu_section('Media','Photos & Video'); // Rename Media Section to "Photos & Video"
delete_admin_menu_section('Links'); // Get rid of Links Section
$movie_tags_item_array = get_admin_menu_item_array('Movies','Movie Tags'); // Save off the Movie Tags Menu
update_admin_menu_section('Movies',array( // Rename two Movie Menu Items and Delete the Movie Tags Item
array('rename-item','item'=>'Movies','new_title'=>'List Movies'),
array('rename-item','item'=>'Add New','new_title'=>'Add Movie'),
array('delete-item','item'=>'Movie Tags'),
copy_admin_menu_item('Movies',array('Actors','Add New')); // Copy the 'Add New' over from Actors
renamed_admin_menu_item('Movies','Add New','Add Actor'); // Rename copied Actor 'Add New' to 'Add Actor
add_admin_menu_item('Movies',array( // (Another way to get a 'Add Actor' Link to a section.)
'title' => 'Alt Add Actor ',
'slug' => 'post-new.php?post_type=actor',
), array(// Add Back the Movie Tags at the end.
add_admin_menu_item('Movies',$movie_tags_item_array,array(// Add Back the Movie Tags at the end.
delete_admin_menu_section('Actors'); // Finally just get rid of the actors section
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