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function _aspxGetAbsolutePositionX(element){
if (__aspxIE)
return _aspxGetAbsolutePositionX_IE(element);
else if (__aspxFirefox && __aspxBrowserVersion >= 3)
return _aspxGetAbsolutePositionX_FF3(element);
else if (__aspxOpera)
return _aspxGetAbsolutePositionX_Opera(element);
else if(__aspxNetscapeFamily && (!__aspxFirefox || __aspxBrowserVersion < 3))
return _aspxGetAbsolutePositionX_NS(element);
else if(__aspxWebKitFamily)
return _aspxGetAbsolutePositionX_Safari(element);
return _aspxGetAbsolutePositionX_Other(element);

miketaylr commented Jan 28, 2011

/me stabs out eyes

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