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Last active Aug 20, 2020
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ECIP Process Overview


There is no clear path to initiating or promoting a change to the ETC network. I hope this serves as a guide to what each of the steps are in the ECIP process.

ECIP steps

  • ECIP Idea
    • You think something could make ETC better.
    • This is up to you.
  • ECIP Presentation
    • You can schedule a time to present this idea to the community.
    • This is not mandatory, but will obviously benefit your idea.
  • ECIP Draft
  • ECIP Discussion
    • This is where technical and philosophical debate occurs in a healthy environment.
      • i.e. #general in Discord is not ideal
    • We should utilize the actual Github ECIP for this.
  • ECIP Implementation
    • This is when you work to impelmenet changes to the network for testing.
  • ECIP Activation
    • This is the process of activating changes on the network. Once the timing mechanism is activated or signaled in by miner vote, or some other mechanism to conclude the process.
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