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Wooden mining rig frame


  • 2 x 96" furring strip (home depot will know what this is)
  • 2 x 4pcs galvanized corner braces 1.5"
  • 1 x 4pcs mending plates (should be very close to corner braces)
  • 1 x 2' x 4' plywood sheet (they are precut in little bins with all the plywood)


Step 1. Measure and cut furring strip

  • For a 6gpu frame I would do 22" instead of 20" for the long rails like you see in my pics.
  • 3 x 22" furring strip
  • 2 x 10" furring strip
  • 2 x 8" furring strip
  • 1 x 20"x12" cut plywood

Step 2. Corner braces on all 3 long strips. Use a smaller furring strip to space the brace like seen in pics

Step 3. Attach 10" strips to 2 of the long strips. You know have a rectangle (base)

Step 4. Attach mending plates as seen in the pics. They need to be on the same side, facing out the same way.

Step 5. Attach the 8" strips to the last long strip

Step 6. Attach the 8" strips to the mending plates as seen in pic

Step 7. Screw down plywood to base

Step 8. Lay out the mobo and drill screw holes with 1/8" bit for motherboard spacers

Step 9. Attach mobo


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