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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Simple File Transformations

Simple File Transformations

A simple file transformation describes the transformation of a file from one shape into another. Transformations are

  • expressed in JavaScript and
  • applied on each line of the input file.

The transformation script can use two global variables: in and out.

in contains a single line of the input file without a trailing newline. out should contain the desired output or null, if no output should be produced. in and out are strings.

The simplest transformation - the identity - is expressed as follows:

out = in

This concludes the specification.


It's fun. It's simple. It uses a well known dynamic programming language to express transformations.


  • ottily, Golang (in and out are named input and output, though)
  • eachline.js, node.js (incomplete, but fast)
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