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Highlight tweets from a user you don't follow
Highlights in red, shrinks text, converts text to grey, and adds "NOT FOLLOWING" before username.
The user ID used here is for @POTUS, which will one day become @POTUS45.
Designed to help highlight tweets forced into your timeline by Twitter. Narrow execution.
@-moz-document domain('') {
.tweet[data-user-id="822215679726100480"][data-you-follow=false] {
background-color: #FDD;
color: grey;
.tweet[data-user-id="822215679726100480"][data-you-follow=false] .stream-item-header:before {
content: "NOT FOLLOWING ";
color: black;
text-decoration: underline;
.tweet[data-user-id="822215679726100480"][data-you-follow=false] * {
font-size: 8pt;
color: grey;
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