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@milessabin milessabin/ambiguous.scala
Last active Mar 29, 2019

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object Utils {
type Id[t] = t
type Const[c] = [t] => c
import Utils._
class Instances[F[_[_]], T[_]]
trait Functor[F[_]]
object Functor {
implicit val functorId: Functor[Id] = ???
implicit def functorGen[F[_]](implicit inst: Instances[Functor, F]): Functor[F] = ???
implicit def functorConst[T]: Functor[Const[T]] = ???
case class Sm[A](value: A)
object Sm {
implicit def smInstances[F[_[_]]]: Instances[F, Sm] = ???
object Test {
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