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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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(defmacro filter [name params type & body]
(let [prepare-fn-name (symbol (str name "__prep"))
[input-spec _arrow_ output-spec] type
[init work] body
[i init-defs] init
[w conf & impl-body] work
fn-body (if (empty? input-spec)
(if (empty? init-defs)
`(fn [] (spout (~'nextTuple [] ~@impl-body)))
`(fn [] (let [~@init-defs] (spout (~'nextTuple [] ~@impl-body)))))
(if (empty? init-defs)
`(fn [] (bolt (~'execute [] ~@impl-body)))
`(fn [] (let [~@init-defs] (bolt (~'execute [] ~@impl-body))))))
definer (if (empty? input-spec)
(if (empty? params)
`(def ~name
(streamit-spout ~prepare-fn-name ~output-spec ~(:push conf) []))
`(defn ~name [& args#]
(streamit-spout ~prepare-fn-name ~output-spec ~(:push conf) args#)))
(if (empty? params)
`(def ~name
(streamit-bolt ~prepare-fn-name ~output-spec ~input-spec ~(:peek conf) ~(:pop conf) ~(:push conf) []))
`(defn ~name [& args#]
(streamit-bolt ~prepare-fn-name ~output-spec ~input-spec ~(:peek conf) ~(:pop conf) ~(:push conf) args#))))]
(defn ~prepare-fn-name ~(if (empty? params) [] params)
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