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Last active May 18, 2017
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this pig script is used to invoke upper UDF ALIAS in Apache PIG
-- this pig script demonstrates how to invoke an UDF in Apache PIG
-- LOAD command is used to load data from post27.csv into input_data pig relation
input_data = LOAD '/hdpcd/input/post27/post27.csv' USING PigStorage(',');
-- we need to register the jar file first with REGISTER command
REGISTER /usr/hdp/;
-- defining an alias for the fully qualified class name UPPER
DEFINE upper org.apache.pig.piggybank.evaluation.string.UPPER;
-- invoking upper ALIAS for UPPER() function in piggybank.jar file
-- only first name and last name is extracted from this input file into upper_data pig relation
upper_data = FOREACH input_data GENERATE upper($1) as fname, upper($2) as lname;
-- STORE command is used to store upper_data in HDFS directory /hdpcd/output/post27
STORE upper_data INTO '/hdpcd/output/post27' USING PigStorage(' ');
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