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What would you like to do?
1 Watching a nice movie
0 The painting is ugly, will return it tomorrow...
1 One of the best soccer games, worth seeing it
1 Very tasty, not only for vegetarians
1 Super party!
0 Too early to travel..need a coffee
0 Damn..the train is late again...
0 Bad news, my flight just got cancelled.
1 Happy birthday mr. president
1 Just watch it. Respect.
1 Wonderful sunset.
1 Bravo, first title in 2014!
0 Had a bad evening, need urgently a beer.
0 I put on weight again
1 On today's show we met Angela, a woman with an amazing story
1 I fell in love again
0 I lost my keys
1 On a trip to Iceland
1 Happy in Berlin
0 I hate Mondays
1 Love the new book I reveived for Christmas
0 He killed our good mood
1 I am in good spirits again
1 This guy creates the most awesome pics ever
0 The dark side of a selfie.
1 Cool! John is back!
1 Many rooms and many hopes for new residents
0 False hopes for the people attending the meeting
1 I set my new year's resolution
0 The ugliest car ever!
0 Feeling bored
0 Need urgently a pause
1 Nice to see Ana made it
1 My dream came true
0 I didn't see that one coming
0 Sorry mate, there is no more room for you
0 Who could have possibly done this?
1 I won the challenge
0 I feel bad for what I did
1 I had a great time tonight
1 It was a lot of fun
1 Thank you Molly making this possible
0 I just did a big mistake
1 I love it!!
0 I never loved so hard in my life
0 I hate you Mike!!
0 I hate to say goodbye
1 Lovely!
1 Like and share if you feel the same
0 Never try this at home
0 Don't spoil it!
1 I love rock and roll
0 The more I hear you, the more annoyed I get
1 Finnaly passed my exam!
1 Lovely kittens
0 I just lost my appetite
0 Sad end for this movie
0 Lonely, I am so lonely
1 Beautiful morning
1 She is amazing
1 Enjoying some time with my friends
1 Special thanks to Marty
1 Thanks God I left on time
1 Greateful for a wonderful meal
1 So happy to be home
0 Hate to wait on a long queue
0 No cab available
0 Electricity outage, this is a nightmare
0 Nobody to ask about directions
1 Great game!
1 Nice trip
1 I just received a pretty flower
1 Excellent idea
1 Got a new watch. Feeling happy
0 I feel sick
0 I am very tired
1 Such a good taste
0 Such a bad taste
1 Enjoying brunch
0 I don't recommend this restaurant
1 Thank you mom for supporting me
0 I will never ever call you again
0 I just got kicked out of the contest
1 Smiling
0 Big pain to see my team loosing
0 Bitter defeat tonight
0 My bike was stollen
1 Great to see you!
0 I lost every hope for seeing him again
1 Nice dress!
1 Stop wasting my time
1 I have a great idea
1 Excited to go to the pub
1 Feeling proud
1 Cute bunnies
0 Cold winter ahead
0 Hopless struggle..
0 Ugly hat
1 Big hug and lots of love
1 I hope you have a wonderful celebration

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@milindjagre milindjagre commented Aug 25, 2016

This is the input file which is used by OpenNLP in order to create the model. This model is responsible for deciding the incoming tweet is positive or negative.

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