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this pig script is used for performing the replicated join between the customers and orders data
--loading customers' data in customers relation
customers = LOAD '/hdpcd/input/post23/post23_customers.csv' USING PigStorage(',');
--loading orders' data in orders relation
orders = LOAD '/hdpcd/input/post23/post23_orders.csv' USING PigStorage(',');
--performing replicated join operation based on customer ID
--customer ID is the first column in customers relation, therefore $0
--customer ID is the third column in orders relation, therefore $2
joined_data = JOIN customers BY $0, orders BY $2 USING 'replicated';
--generating output data with FOREACH...GENERATE command
--output contains customers' first name, last name, order ID, and payment status of the order
output_data = FOREACH joined_data GENERATE $1 AS fname, $2 AS lname, $8 AS orderid,$12 AS payment_status;
--storing the final output in HDFS
STORE output_data INTO '/hdpcd/output/post23/';
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