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Created Nov 6, 2017
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package main
func main(){
// decode given private key
privkey, _ := hex.DecodeString("803fcdab44e9958d2f8e4d47b5f0d481d6ddb79dd462a18ee65cabe94a9e455c")
var privkeyArray [32]byte
copy(privkeyArray[:], privkey)
// decode expected public key
expectedPubKey, _ := hex.DecodeString("26100e941bdd2103038d8dec9a1884694736f591ee814e66ae6e2e2284757136")
// create public key out of given private key
var pubkey [32]byte
curve25519.ScalarBaseMult(&pubkey, &privkeyArray)
// print
fmt.Println("calculated public key:", hex.EncodeToString(pubkey[:]))
fmt.Println(" given public key:", hex.EncodeToString(expectedPubKey))
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