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Django spaceless with preserved pre formatting
"""Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Stephan Groß, under MIT license."""
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import re
from django import template
from django.template import Node
from django.utils import six
from django.utils.encoding import force_text
from django.utils.functional import allow_lazy
register = template.Library()
def strip_spaces_between_tags_except_pre(value):
def replacement(count, matches, match):
matches.append([1:-1]) # save the whole match without leading "<" and trailing ">"
count[0] += 1
return '<{{{0}}}>'.format(count[0]) # add "<" and ">" to preserve space stripping
count = [-1]
matches = []
value = re.sub(r'<pre(\s.*)?>(.*?)</pre>', lambda match: replacement(count, matches, match), force_text(value), flags=re.S | re.M | re.I)
value = re.sub(r'>\s+<', '><', force_text(value))
return value.format(*matches)
strip_spaces_between_tags_except_pre = allow_lazy(strip_spaces_between_tags_except_pre, six.text_type)
class SpacelessExceptPreNode(Node):
def __init__(self, nodelist):
self.nodelist = nodelist
def render(self, context):
return strip_spaces_between_tags_except_pre(self.nodelist.render(context).strip())
def spaceless_except_pre(parser, token):
"""Remove whitespace between HTML tags, including tab and newline characters except content between <pre>"""
nodelist = parser.parse(('endspaceless_except_pre',))
return SpacelessExceptPreNode(nodelist)
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minddust commented Jan 1, 2014

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