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digraph {
node [style="rounded,filled", fontname=sans, shape=rect ]
edge [fontname=sans]
graph [fontname=sans, ranksep=2]
ROOT [label="[New edit]", shape=rect, style=solid]
op_un_un [label="Open, unapplied, no votes", color=lightblue]
//cl_ap_un [label="Closed, applied, unreviewed", color=green]
op_un_unc [label="Open, unapplied, 1 'Yes' vote", color=lightblue]
//cl_ap_ac [label="Closed, applied, accepted", color=green]
op_un_dis [ label="Open, unapplied, 1 'No' vote", color=orange]
//cl_un_rej [label="Closed, unapplied, rejected", color=red]
op_un_con [label="Open, unapplied, mix of 'Yes'/'No' votes", color=gray]
//cl_ap_con [label="Closed, applied, contested", color=green]
//cl_un_con [label="Closed, unapplied, contested", color=red]
//cl_ap_unc [label="Closed, applied, uncontested", color=green]
//cl_un_dis [label="Closed, unapplied, disapproved", color=red]
cl_ap [label = "Closed, applied", color=green]
cl_un [label = "Closed, not applied", color=red]
//subgraph cluster_applied {
// label = "Closed & Applied"
// cl_ap_unc
// cl_ap_un
// cl_ap_ac
// cl_ap_con
//subgraph cluster_unapplied {
// label = "Closed & Unapplied"
// cl_un_dis
// cl_un_rej
// cl_un_con
subgraph open {
ROOT -> op_un_un [label = "normal edit", style=dotted]
ROOT -> cl_ap [label = "autoedit", style=dotted]
op_un_un -> cl_ap [label="7 days", style=dashed]
op_un_un -> op_un_unc [label="+1 'Yes'", weight=100]
op_un_unc -> cl_ap [label = "7 days", style=dashed]
op_un_unc -> cl_ap [label="+2 'Yes'"]
op_un_un -> op_un_dis [label="+1 'No'", weight=100]
op_un_dis -> cl_un [label="7 days", style=dashed]
op_un_dis -> cl_un [label="+2 'No'"]
op_un_unc -> op_un_con [label = "+1 'No'"]
op_un_dis -> op_un_con [label = "+1 'Yes'"]
op_un_con -> cl_ap [label = "7 days: 'Yes'>'No'", style=dashed]
op_un_con -> cl_un [label = "7 days: 'No'≥'Yes'", style=dashed]
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