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Ming Han Teh minghan

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minghan / sphinx-autopackage
Created Jul 8, 2011
Sphinx autopackage guide
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Example usage:
./ ~/path/to/some/package -d ~/dest/path/
minghan /
Created Jul 7, 2011
Indent profile for --linux for older versions of indent
-nbad -bap -nbc -bbo -hnl -br -brs -c33 -cd33 -ncdb -ce -ci4 -cli0 -d0 -di1 -nfc1 -i4 -ip0 -l80 -lp -npcs -nprs -npsl -sai -saf -saw -ncs -nsc -sob -nfca -cp33 -ss -ts8000
minghan /
Created Jul 7, 2011
Python Memoize Example
# Memoize Example
class Pak(object):
# Do not use @staticmethod here
def memoize(key):
def decfunc(f):
def newfunc(self):
if not hasattr(self, key):
setattr(self, key, f(self))
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